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My name is Vefa , it is my fifth Erasmus project, I really enjoy it because I met people from different coltures and as well as  different topics. Here the topic is about health and we learned great things about healthy life and we are doing some sport activities.   Vefa , Turkey , 26
Health is very important specialy for young people since we are living in a world with so much air pollution, non healthy food, junky food, a lot of stress, so people have to practice a lot of sports and need to be aware of the food and what they eat.   Gjoko, Macedonia 31
This is my sixth project so far and I can say that I am pretty excited to meet new people, each of them very different and we have fun together and great time, so for sure I will recommend It to keep going on another Erasmus project.   Iva, Bulgaria, 18
Hi, I am Danilo from Serbia this Is my first time I have been to youth exchange or participating in Erasmus project and I really like it because it’s breaking the stereotypes between people in Europe in these countries and I really enjoy it.   Danilo, Serbia, 19
The project is awesome I would recommend it to everybody who wants to learn about healthy lifestyle and I had awonderful experience. Kliment, Bulgaria, 19
Alexandro, Italy, 23
I enjoy this project I have made new friends and I like healthy lifestyle so I participated and had fun.   Alexandro, Italy, 23
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