Main aim of the youth exchange ‘Health is the First Step to Empowerment’ is to bring together young
people from rural areas and through outdoor and sport activities shape their lives in active and
positive direction. During the youth exchange the participants will explore what does mean healthy
lifestyle in practice. They will get to know how to exercise in right way, how to spend their free time in
quality active way and also how to inspire their peer to become more active and live more heatlhier
life. During the youth exchange the participants will take part in outdoor and sport based activities,
discussions and simulations, team challeneges. Moreover, they will work on campaign addressing
the issue of healthy lifestyle and they will have an opportunity to increase their competencies to use
photos and videos to encourage other young people to live active and healthy life.
Objectives of Youth Exchange:
-To develop participant’s knowledge on healthy lifestyles and its essential elements (eating,
exercising, and living);
-To provide the participants an opportunity to explore healthy practices from other countries and to
learn how to live healthier life;
-To encourage the participants to become ‘ambassadors of health’ in their communities and to
activate their peers to live heathier live;
-To strength participants team work and intercultural competencies by providing them an opportunity
to work in mix-intercultural environment during the youth exchange and gain new experiences and
knowledge in intercultural field;
-To develop participant’s leadership skills by providing them an opportunity to prepare with support
of their sending organizations and group leaders sessions through which other participants can
explore healthy practices in their countries;
-To increase participant’s communication skills by giving them an opportunity to work on creating
campaign raising awareness on health among their peers;
-To strength participants understanding of Erasmus + Programme and its possibilities through nonformal
based activities and to encourage young people to get activated and to take part in
international mobility activities.
The project objectives will be reached through methods and techniques of non-formal education. The
participants will take part in outdoor and sport activities, interactive lectures, simulations, debates
and discussions. They will work individually and in the teams. They will take photos, make videos
and promote the goals of the youth exchange in their communities and in media. The youth exchange
‘Health is the First Step to Empowerment’ will have significant impact on directly involved
participants but also on participating organizations and the communities. The key impact we see in
raising awareness on the importance of healthy and active lifestyle and activating rural youth.
Youth exchange ‘‘Health is the First Step to Empowerment’ will take place from 25 August to 01
September 2018 in Vlasina Rid, Serbia. In the youth exchange will take part 6 organizations coming
from Serbia, Rep. of Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Organizations will be
represented by 6 young people (2 will be with fewer opportunities) and 1 group leader.

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