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Very often young people know how to ask us what volunteering is and how it differs from other activities such as practice. So here’s a nice explanation below.

In order for an activity to be considered to be a volunteer activity, it must have three key characteristics: volunteering, being organized for the benefit of others or the community (wider public interest), and being free of charge for those who participate in it. Those involved in the activity should be involved on a voluntary basis, meaning they want to be part of that activity. The aim of the activity must be aimed at achieving community good or helping others. And all those involved do not receive compensation for their involvement.

In the broadest sense of the word, it means voluntarily contributing to the community (and society at large) without being paid for it. For example, as a volunteer, you can help organize a charity event, be involved in an organization that helps animals, actively participate in the action for collecting clothes for the homeless, help in carrying out activities in the municipality, civil society organizations, and others. non-profit institutions, etc. Additionally, you should do all this voluntarily, of your own free will, without expecting any compensation.

According to the law, the term “volunteer” means a person who provides his / her personal services, knowledge and skills, for the benefit of other persons, organizations or institutions, voluntarily and without compensation. However, not every job that is not paid is volunteering. For example, internships are different from volunteering because there the goal is to gain practical experience and skills of the intern, regardless of whether there is a wider public interest. Therefore, the internship is aimed mainly at students and the unemployed, unlike the volunteerism that covers all structures of society.

Volunteering is also not voluntary because it is mandatory by law for certain professions (doctors, lawyers, etc.) so the principle of volunteerism is not observed. The same applies to the practice that is compulsory for students in the field of education. Helping with household chores at home and with the wider family is not considered volunteering because there is no wider social interest. So do you have any volunteer experience or want to become a volunteer for the greater good? Join us!

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