Why should you travel more?

Researcher Filep Sebastijan makes a strong case that „A fulfilling travel experience is not only about satisfactions. It is also about how personally meaningful we found our travel activities“.

The purpose of travel is connected with building social relationships, opportunities to learn and grow, and commitment. It gives us a chance to be truly engaged in an activity, to develop new skills and to discover new cultures. It brings us closer to ourselves and others.

In other words, all the things we need to increase our resilience!

It is hard to explain to people why to travel, especially if they are not „infected“ with the travel bug, but here are some reasons to travel:

 1. It is fun!

 Let’s start with some basic reason, you should travel because it is fun! It’s nice to visit places you’ve always wanted to see and experience things you’ve only dreamt about. Travel is fun and that’s a huge reason why we all get inspired to travel.

 2. Personal Growth

There’s so much more you can learn from other people and the opportunity to improve on your skills/knowledge is a big reason to travel. It doesn’t even matter if all you’re improving is learning something as mundane as how to brew coffee better – when you consider that you’re learning on your travels and combining it with number 1 (i.e. having fun), you start to run out of reasons not to travel (finances and personal circumstances permitting of course!). Sometimes it’s only far from home that you realize you you’ve got skills you’ve never used. It’s travel that brings them to the surface and makes you smile, satisfied to have reached the mountain top, or crossed a gorge or helped a villager clean up after a storm, or even to have successfully ordered a meal at a rural Chinese restaurant.

3. Travelling makes you curious.

This kind of curiosity is a great thing too as it’s the kind of life skill that stops you from making preconceived notions about people/places and take the time to actually ask “Why”.

4. Making connections to people all over the world.

You’ll make great friends from around the globe and you’ll get to see things from different perspectives. For most who ask ‘why travel’, seeing new places is very closely followed by the people you meet. You’ll keep in touch with them over time, and they might even let you stay at theirs the next time you get itchy feet! You’ll have the opportunity to visit their home turf, to see their way of life like no other tourist would. They’ll want to show you their world, and luckily for you, you’ll get to see it through the eyes of the locals. Just make sure to return the favour!

5. Expand your horizons

You can stay in your little corner of the world, or you can experience millions of other ways to live. Truly authentic travel experiences can open your mind to life’s endless possibilities. Travel allows us to do away with ignorance and prejudice, and find common ground with people who might appear to be very different from us. When you explore other countries, you start to understand why the people there might do certain things or act in certain ways. One of the most amazing things that I found out through travelling is that strangers are, more often than not, willing to help when you ask them for it.

6. Happiness

If you’re wondering why you should travel, reasons might include increased happiness and a sunnier disposition. Want proof? Ask anyone how their last vacation was, and watch how their eyes light up. Travelling makes people happier because it makes you grow. Your mind is stretched, your perceptions are challenged, and your perspectives change for the better. Your experiences can define your reality – what better way to shape your life than by experiencing all that the world has to offer? Once you go on your first trip, you’ll be hooked, and you’ll be better for it.

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