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10 reasons to participate in the Erasmus + educational program

Erasmus + is an EU education program that you must be familiar with if you are a student, plan to become a student soon, or if you want to upgrade through informal forms of education. It provides an opportunity to study in another country during one or two semesters, volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps, practice to gain work experience, participate in youth exchanges, conferences, seminars, courses and so on. And all this, in whole or in part, is financially covered by European funds. You don’t have to worry if your parents have money to send you abroad to get an education through this program, except when the financial aid you receive is partial.

Meanwhile, European students are massively using the privilege of participating in it and talking about their experiences with superlatives. So, for these nine reasons, read on to participate in Erasmus +, do your best to be informed about the opportunities it offers and start making plans.

1. Studying or informal learning abroad, with financial assistance

Erasmus + allows you to study at a university outside of the country where you have been living for one or two semesters. Part of the program also allows for the full completion of a master’s or doctoral degree, but most grants go to student mobility. In addition, by receiving the student as a participant in the program, he receives a scholarship that makes it easier to cover the costs of studying abroad. Therefore, when applying, you should pay attention to which country you want to go to and what the cost of living there is compared to the amount of the grant you receive.

2. Addition in CV

In addition to the huge personal benefits that we will talk about extensively in the next few points, there is one very important professional benefit: staying abroad is a great addition to your CV. International experience, knowledge of multiple foreign languages and participation in international seminars and conferences will make you stand out from other candidates.

3. Great adventure

Erasmus + is a challenge for the brave. First you need to gather the courage to leave home, and then to leave your new home abroad. In another country, everything is new: a new language, a new culture, new customs, new friends, new neighbors, new colleagues, professors, new dishes, new perceptions of life, new horizons… That’s why this experience is so intense. Many new things happen in a very short time and make you fully present in every new moment. Erasmus is a great adventure and a real chance to get out of the comfort zone and for personal growth. You will get to know a new culture and at the same time you will learn your own better.

4. New friends

Even if you consider yourself the type of person who is quiet and does not communicate much, you will make many friends during Erasmus. Really a lot of friends. And between the student or volunteer community, and between locals. Although in our country people from Western countries are generally considered cold, unattractive and hostile, you will be surprised at how friendly, warm and friendly they really are. They are used to strangers and therefore it is not important to them where you or your parents come from, but it is important what kind of person you are, how much they can rely on you and whether you can have fun together. And then your house becomes their house and their house is yours. Not only during your stay there, but also after it’s all over. Practically, you will have a large network of friends all over the continent and shelter wherever you travel in the future.

5. Have fun

Entertainment is an important part of Erasmus or ESC. They are crazy. They are not glamorous, but crazy. You’ve probably heard that it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, it’s important to have a good time. Imagine entering a bar or disco and everyone is dancing inside! Although sometimes you will have to learn, or you will have to get up early to work, it will all easily go into the background. It’s not hard with friends from the previous point.

6. Travel

Going to the country where you will study, volunteer or attend a seminar is not the only trip you will take. You can use the free weekends to explore the surroundings and places that are not far from you, or the whole country you are staying in.

7. Learning a new language

Erasmus students’ teaching is in English, so it’s a good opportunity to improve your level. If you go to ESC, you also get a language course in the country you are volunteering for. In addition, you will learn to share various compliments, say “hello”, “thank you”, “hello” and “beer” in dozens of languages.

8. Unforgettable experience

Given the above, it is clear that such an experience is never forgotten. Therefore, among those who participated in the program, the motto “Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus” applies. There are many networks of former Erasmus students or EVS volunteers who organize meetings between them. In addition, you will have memories and new friendships.

9. Social importance of the program In addition to the nine personal benefits listed in the previous points, participating in the Erasmus + educational program will inevitably make you part of a very important social process that is currently taking place in Europe. Political scientist Stefan Wolf has said that “in 15, 20 or 25 years, Europe will be ruled by leaders who have socialized in a completely different way than today.” To make it clearer what you mean, consider the fact that in 2014, the millionth baby was born to parents who met Erasmus. Young people are increasingly interfering with each other, and nationality and cultural differences are losing their relevance. Experience Erasmus +, gain the experiences it offers and bring your new understandings to our culture!

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