3. 7 Signs Of Depression No One Should Ignore

7 signs of depression no one should ignore

One of the best ways to treat mental diseases is to raise awareness about the same. The symptoms of clinical depression are becoming increasingly known and therefore it’s increasingly difficult to hide and ignore them. But, it’s also important to know the signs that appear at the beginning of this disease, and which are easy to disguise. These are the 7 symptoms that may indicate a person has depression.


Depression and pain have some common chemicals in the brain, which means that depression can change the sensitivity of pain. Unexplained headaches, abdominal and back pain, etc., may be signs of bad mental health. The pain is very real so many people are visiting their doctor and are still not getting diagnosis of depression, when it actually represents a real problem.                 


No matter if it’s harder for you to fall asleep at night, you feel restless during the night or you can’t wake up in the morning, every change in your sleeping routine could be a sign of depression. Sleeping enables people to function normally, so the real problem with depressive ones is that they feel they had enough sleep and rest.


The loss of desire for sexual activity could be a sign of depression since this occurrence is often related to stress and fatigue. During depression, the chemical composition is not as it should be. The brain is very important for sexuality because of chemistry, but it’s also important for getting ideas. It helps you feel and define pleasures.


Slow thinking, forgetfulness and inability to make decisions are normal human features, but they can also be a sign of depression. Sometimes depressive people can’t stay for more than 30 minutes watching television, reading or doing anything that requires concentration.

Excessive thinking/worrying

This means too much worrying and thinking about your whole life, which can cause low self-esteem and low opinion of oneself. Thinking about yourself is good, but when it’s too much it can make the conversation with you difficult for others.

Weight and food

The first stage of the depression can be accompanied with increase or decrease of body weight. Your eating routine can also change – overeating or losing any interest in food can be a sign that the depression affects your center for pleasure and appetite. Many people enjoy a good meal, but people with depression are losing energy and even interest in eating.

Social withdrawal and isolation

When social people start withdrawing from activities that are including other people, it is very possible that they are suffering from depression. Isolation is a very common symptom for depression. You should also keep an eye on the ‘empty’ face expression. Depression can cause reduced activity of the face muscles, which as a result is reducing the emotional facial expression.

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