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Eco-fashion… A dream or reality?

Speaking of preservation of the Earth, we often forget to think about simple things in our everyday lives that greatly influence life on Earth and our well-being, and one of those things is certainly practicing sustainable fashion. Actually, this relatively new trend of sustainable or eco-fashion is based on using not only sustainable materials for producing the fabrics but also adopting environmentally friendly practices for the production of those fashion products. The reason why some fashion designers and consumers are following this fashion trend is that they are trying to minimize the harm “normal” clothes have on the Earth, but since this futuristic idea has shown to be too expensive for both manufacturers and consumers we must ask ourselves: is it realistic and achievable in today’s world?

First and foremost, in order to understand where these eco fashionistas are coming from, we have to reflect on the damage and pollution-related to manufacturing and using conventional clothes, as well as on the overall concept of sustainable fashion. Thus, according to many types of research, for growing regular cotton are used many chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides which are harmful not just for the consumers buying that clothes and thereby are exposed to those toxins and sometimes start developing allergies, but also for the workers growing that cotton by inhaling harmful pesticides which can result in headaches, long term memory loss, birth defects, cancer, paralysis, and even death. But not only that, this approach can be harmful for everybody by polluting the environment since a lot of those chemicals go to the air, water and soil and are damaging the food we consume on an everyday basis. On the other hand, following eco-fashion practices means using sustainable materials, natural fibers found in nature such as cellulose fibers, or recycled fibers that are processed back and are used again. It’s not only the materials that matter, but also the cultivation and production method which is designed in a way that is completely free of harmful toxins. Opposing these two different approaches we would definitely agree the second one is far more acceptable for creating a better environment for all of us, but as it is good, as it sounds this practice is often related to many controversies such as the expensiveness of manufacturers accepting these practices, as well as, the consumer’s needs to be economical and practical so they are in a way forced to buy cheap and affordable clothes. Therefore, one of the solutions for everyone to embrace this eco-friendly fashion probably will be for designers and manufacturers to become a subject of economic losses by deciding to switch their production from conventional to sustainable and therefore to leave no other choice for consumers but to buy only eco-fashion products. Probably until then, only conscious eco-fashion people who have enough economic resources to afford this trend will be the only ones who will contribute to creating a better environment on the Earth.

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