4. Few Advices For Living A Long Life

Few advices for living a long life

Experts are discovering more and more evidence that it’s not very hard to live to 100, but practically it only applies to a few. Besides having healthy habits, you also have to have certain genes for longevity.

Ageing itself cannot be managed, but the speed of ageing can, and significantly more than what we actually think.


People who look younger than their age actually want to live longer, too. If you try to look younger and behave like that, it can help you stay young. Elderly people who think positively about ageing in fact live longer, on average 7.5 years.


Ask yourself if there is a person you can call, without any problem, at 2 in the morning and talk about what’s bothering you. If you can think of one, then you will probably live longer than those who don’t have such friends.


If you want to live a long and quality life, take off your menu with the following ingredients: sugar and sweets, potato, rice, bread and pasta.


The characteristic which is related to the subjective good condition in the 8th decade, according to this research, is an ability to love someone and someone else to love you.


The results of this research show that those who already helped their friends and neighbours advised them and took care of them lived a long life.


Consciousness is a characteristic that is often related to a long and healthy life, and the experts consider that it is the best indicator of longevity. The research has shown that after a heart attack, conscious people have better chances of recovery because they take the whole medication process more seriously.


Even those activities that make you unhappy can use them to your advantage and fall in love with them, because they make you ‘Healthy’, ‘Better’ and ‘Successful’. For people who want to be happier, the experts advise:

·         to spend their free time with friends;

·         to spend less time watching TV;

·         to raise the level of physical activities and to walk around more often;

·         to accept the new challenges in order to stay fresh and active.


Laugh a lot, be happy and optimistic. Laughing decreases pressure and improves the abilities of the muscles.


The Harvard scientists consider that the secret of longevity is in the wine because it contains the substance resveratrol, which in high concentration is found in the grapes, peanuts and walnuts. This substance can activate the protein sirtuin, which has a key role in the ageing process. It controls what genes have to remain suppressed, and which ones don’t, while we are ageing. The sirtuin renews the damaged DNA that is ‘wasting away’ as we age.

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