1. Learn How To Make A Thorough Examination Of Your Body!

Learn how to make a thorough examination of your body!

Taking care of your health assumes thorough examination of your body at least once in six months. The external symptoms, i.e. small and seemingly insignificant changes in the body can reveal a lot. After having a shower, it is the right time to scrutinize your body!


When it comes to the skin, the first thing you should check are the moles. The changes in their symmetry, color, borders and diameter, are a first indicator that you should see a dermatologist. Pay a special attention to the common occurrence of rash on some parts of your skin, especially between the hands and legs – maybe it is about eczema.


The healthy gums have pale pink color, and if red then it is about an inflammation caused by incorrect brushing of your teeth. The white spots on your teeth shouldn’t worry you because they are only a sign that you have gone too far with the fluorine. The tongue shouldn’t be smooth and shiny because this symptom is often related to anemia.


Usually, two symptoms can be noticed in the eyes: yellow eyes and pale inside lower eyelids. In the first case it can be about a liver disease, and in the second one about anemia. The yellow spots in the whites of the eyes represent a warning for high levels of cholesterol.


Dandruff and reddened skin after blow drying your hair may be a sign of seborrhea, a condition that is not worrying, but should be treated in order to avoid abrupt hair loss. If you are experiencing an excessive hair loss, it is mandatory to see a doctor, but on the other hand, if you are getting hairy all over your body, it can be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Hands and nails

The white spots on your nails shouldn’t be worrying you, since they are only a consequence of previous trauma of the same. The vertical lines that appear are a normal condition, while the horizontal ones are indicating a chronic disease and therefore you should seek specialist help.


Swelling in the lower part of the neck is usually a symptom of having problems with the thyroid gland.

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